Planning help

While planning issues are often the main focus in a conservation area the Society is active in promoting good practice in many aspects which affect life in Milton and Shorefields.

The Council have published a useful Do’s and Dont’s guide for conservation areas in general and the Council web site offers help and advice on a wide variety of issues affecting life in Southend including planning and specific guidance for conservation areas.

If you are thinking of making changes to your property you are advised to find out out what work can and cannot be done within the  Conservation areas and what permissions are required .

Should work be carried out without the necessary permission it may have to be altered or removed at the owner’s expense so you are strongly recommended to seek the Council’s advice before carrying out any works to your property.

While it is difficult to be definitive as planning law is complex the following is intended as a guide only – you may need one or more of the following types of permission from the Council before doing work to your property.

  • Planning Permission for development which materially affects the appearance or use of buildings or land. This can include, for example, re-roofing and altering windows, extensions and new buildings. Some minor forms of development are classed as “permitted development” and are normally exempt but in conservation areas,  Article 4 Directions have been made withdrawing this exemption. In such cases planning permission is now needed from the Council – see below.
  • Conservation Area Consent
    • the complete or substantial demolition of an unlisted building or structure. In general, consent will not be granted for the demolition of buildings that make a positive contribution to the character or appearance of a conservation area
    • any alteration or addition to the roof of any property in a conservation area
    • rear or side extensions to single family dwelling houses which exceed 50 cubic metres or 10% of the original volume of the property (whichever is the greater)
    • the cladding of any part of the exterior of a building with stone, artificial stone, timber, plastic or tiles
    • the erection of any building (e.g. shed, summer house) or enclosure (e.g. swimming pools) within the curtilage of a house, which exceeds 10 cubic metres in volume.
  • Listed Building Consent  for external and internal works which affect the character of a Listed Building (In Milton this applies to the Weslyan Chapel at the junction of Park Road and Avenue Road)
  • Work to Trees – trees in Conservation Areas are protected because they often contribute to the Area’s character. If a tree is in a Tree Preservation Order, consent is needed to prune or fell it. For other trees, six weeks notice must be given of proposed work (this gives an opportunity to assess the amenity value of the tree and if necessary make a Tree Preservation Order to give it long-term protection).
  • Consent to Display an Advertisement
  • Building Regulations Approval  for structural work to buildings to ensure health and safety standards are met

Satellite antennae may not be fixed on a chimney, on a wall or roof facing the street, or on a building which exceeds 15 metres in height

Article 4 Direction

Some minor forms of development are classed as “permitted development” and are normally exempt. However, this resulted in unsuitable changes out of character with conservation status so Article 4 Direction withdrew this exemption and planning permission from the Council is now needed for the following types of development for most properties in the Milton and Shorefields Conservation Areas as listed below.

(Note that the council do not charge for permission required under Article 4 direction).

  • The alteration of any window which fronts a highway.
  • The rendering of any brickwork which fronts a highway (other forms of cladding already need planning permission).
  • Re-roofing with different materials
  • The installation of hard-standing for vehicles.
  • The painting over facing brickwork of any part of a building which fronts a highway.

In Milton Conservation Area Article 4 Direction applies to the following properties:

  • Park Road (all properties except 1-3 odd, 2-12 even)
  • Parkgate  (all properties)
  • Park Crescent (all properties)
  • Avenue Road (all properties except 81-93 odd, 66-68 even)
  • Avenue Terrace (all properties)
  • St. Vincent’s Road (all properties)
  • Milton Road (Avenue Baptist Church)

In Shorefields Conservation Area Article 4 Direction applies to

  • Marine Avenue (all properties)
  • Trinity Avenue (all properties)
  • Westcliff Avenue (2-20 even)
  • Westcliff Parade (21-32 consec.)