Traffic Island

Not sure these little babies will be ready in time!

Heuchera seedlings

You may remember that the Society eventually managed to negotiate a permanent planting bed on the traffic island in Park Road. Last year a member paid for the tree and the Society planted a ring of Berberis around the edge. A couple of packs of annual seeds were scattered but were planted too late for any colour so this year no expense has been spared to secure a pack of seed and six weeks on this is the stage they have now reached. These are heuchera sanguinea ‘Firefly’  which hopefully will provide almost year round ground-cover with vermillion flowers during the summer.


(Incidentally I did wonder how much the new planting outside the Cliffs Pavilion cost given our modest little development set the Society back nearly £2,000 plus a commitment to plant and maintain it – the Council’s contractors will look after the tree!)